Grafton Capital Milestones

Q2 2020

Microsoft Corporation (Nasdaq: MSFT) acquires Softomotive


Microsoft Corporation acquires Softomotive for an undisclosed sum, realising another strong return for Grafton Capital investors. Softomotive was acquired 18 months after Grafton became the first and only outside investor in the company.

Q2 2020

$20m growth capital investment at Omilia


Grafton becomes the first outside investor in Omilia. Omilia's AI platform delivers automated, conversational customer care at enterprise scale. Leading enterprises, across banking, insurance, telecom, and broadcast, rely upon Omilia’s platform to address hundreds of millions of customer queries per year. The Omilia platform has been trained by billions of real-life customer utterances, and uses voice biometrics to serve customers securely, with minimal disruption.

Q2 2019

Follow on investment at Starleaf


Grafton invests behind Starleaf's continued growth, expanding its position from £10m to £16m. Starleaf has more than doubled its customer base since Grafton's initial investment.

Q1 2019

Maiden exit


Grafton Capital realises a 4.5x net return for investors on its May 2016 investment in BOARD International. Grafton re-invests CHF 20 million alongside the founders and new owners, Nordic Capital.

Q3 2018



Grafton Capital invests $25m and becomes the first outside investor in Softomotive. Softomotive is one of the leading providers of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) software, serving over 7,000 customers worldwide.

Q2 2017



Grafton Capital invests £10m to become the first outside investor in StarLeaf, alongside Highland Europe, who invest an equal amount. StarLeaf is a leading cloud platform for enterprise video conferencing and calling services with several thousand customers worldwide.

Q2 2017

MPP Global


Grafton Capital invests £7.75m and becomes the first outside investor in MPP Global. Grafton co-invested with Albion Ventures, who invested £4.0 million. MPP Global delivers an enterprise-grade subscription management and billings platform to media and publishing companies such as Sky, Pro-SiebenSat, NBC Universal, and McClatchy.

Q2 2016

BOARD International


Grafton Capital acquires a CHF 23.4m (£18m) minority stake in BOARD International. BOARD is a leading provider of Corporate Performance Management software and serves several thousand customers worldwide.

Q1 2016

Third Platform Services


Grafton Capital invests a further £1.5m in to Third Financial Software to support the expansion of Third Platform Services- a regulated, software enabled service offering to the UK wealth management market.

Q3 2015

Grafton Capital moves to Michelin House


Grafton Capital moved to Michelin House in South Kensington in September 2015.

Q2 2015

Third Financial Software Investment


Grafton Capital invests £2.5m and becomes the first outside investor into Third Financial Software, a leading provider of front, middle and back-office software to the discretionary wealth management industry.

Q1 2015

Alva Reputation Investment


Grafton Capital invests £2.5m in Alva Reputation. Alva provides sentiment based reputation data to global businesses including Rio Tinto, HSBC, Santander, Tesco and Virgin Group.

Q4 2014

SportPursuit Investment


Grafton Capital cornerstoned the £9.5m Series C round investment into SportPursuit, investing alongside Scottish Equity Partners and existing investor DFJ Esprit. SportPursuit is the UK's leading marketplace for flash sales of premium sports apparel, with circa 1.4m members at the time of the investment.

Q3 2014



Grafton Capital was established: committed to investing capital behind the founders of profitable, growing companies seeking a sector specialist, minority partner.