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For a business, reputation is everything. Being a trusted partner, a valuable supplier or a loyal customer helps businesses survive and thrive in the modern business world. Managing that reputation is vital to the success of these businesses but it can be challenging especially when managing your online reputation.

Alva supports businesses to make better decisions with relation to the management of their online reputation. Alva has developed a world-class technology and robust methodologies that help businesses link reputation to business performance. Connected Intelligence is the integration of business, stakeholder and media intelligence to help decision-making relevant to the company’s strategy, its products, customers, issues and stakeholders. 

In 2015, Grafton invested £2.5m in Alva to support the continued growth performance of the business, and remain at the forefront of the reputation monitoring and analysis industry. In July 2021, Grafton achieved a successful exit when Alva was acquired by Falfurrias Capital Partners. 

“Grafton Capital has been a very good partner to Alva by providing growth capital and ongoing pragmatic advice. Their approach is very refreshing and they bring a realistic perspective to the board, helping us identify growth opportunities and blind spots.”

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