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Conversational Costumer Care


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In recent years, the way businesses interact with their customers has changed. From the shrinking of bricks and mortar stores and the growth of online shopping to the way customers engage to brands. Customers’ increasing use of chatbots and online communication has meant that brands have had to create smarter solutions to communicate with them.

Omilia is a dynamic innovator in conversational AI. Omilia’s customer care virtual assistant uses machine learning to offer a more human-like experience. Working across all platforms, Omilia’s contextually aware dialog management system guides customers through the call, while its voice biometrics technology securely works in the background to verify who the caller is.

In May 2020, Grafton invested $20 million into Omilia to continue the growth and adoption of Omilia’s advanced, human-like conversational AI. The capital was used to further strengthen Omilia’s North American and Western European operations. The AI is now fluent in 21 languages, including regional dialects and accents, and is the market leader in conversational intelligence, being trusted by some of the world’s biggest banks, mobile operators and insurance firms.

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