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Third Financial is an innovative investment platform and software provider – ‘the fintech behind the fintechs’. Its infrastructure and outsourcing platform sits behind many of the UK’s leading wealth managers, IFA networks, family offices and disruptive fintech firms. Third Financial offers clients tailored solutions through its market-leading wealth management software, Tercero and having an experienced operations team on hand. 

In 2020, Grafton Capital took majority ownership in the business and invested £7 million into Third Financial with £1.5m of fresh capital being injected onto the balance sheet. The deal follows previous investment rounds in 2015 (£2.5m), 2016 (£1.5m) and 2019 (£1.25m) to support the expansion of its platform.

Grafton Capital has brought immense value to Third Financial. They bring a sensible sounding board for ideas, independent thinking and very valuable experience. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

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