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Edward Barroll Brown

Managing Partner

Ed founded Grafton Capital in 2014 and has built the business to deploy over £140m of invested capital to date, focused on growth stage investments in tech-enabled businesses. Ed led our recent acquisition of ProQuo AI, our €18m investment in Xtremepush, as well as the growth buyout of Third Financial in October 2020. Ed is a board director at ProQuo AI, Xtremepush and Third Financial, and recently left the boards of SportPursuit and Alva after exits in 2021.

Ed’s interest in technology investing began during the 90’s tech bubble as an amateur stock investor, whilst at university, before starting his professional career in the London office of the US law firm Jones Day. More recently, until 2014 Ed was a partner at the entrepreneurial asset management firm CIT Group, with circa £1.5bn in assets under management. Ed has gained broad commercial and investment experience across several sectors, business models and investment styles, including real estate, leisure and early stage investing in the CleanTech and FinTech sectors, before launching Grafton Capital to focus on growth stage tech-enabled businesses.

Ed has also experienced entrepreneurial success, having conceived and founded a successful PropTech start-up, HomeViews, to address an opportunity he identified in the real estate market. HomeViews has independent management and Ed remains a non-executive director.

Ed lives in Berkshire with his wife and three young daughters. 

Barroll Brown

Grafton Capital has brought immense value to Third Financial. They bring a sensible sounding board for ideas, independent thinking and very valuable experience. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

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