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The Grafton Way: An Entrepreneurial and Flexible Approach to Growth Capital Investment

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24th May 2023

Home The Grafton Way: An Entrepreneurial and Flexible Approach to Growth Capital Investment


In the realm of growth capital investment, Grafton Capital stands apart, manifesting the ethos of an entrepreneurial spirit and a flexible strategy. Our foundational principle as an ‘ego-free partner’ defines our unique position in the private equity landscape.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit in Growth Capital

Our entrepreneurial spirit is central to our growth capital approach. An example of this is our partnership with Third Financial, a key player in the software industry. As the company sought to launch a platform services business, it faced early team assembly challenges. In response, Ed Barroll Brown, our managing partner and longest-standing director of Third Financial, played a pivotal role in identifying the right talent for the venture. Today, the platform services business is not only the largest revenue generator but also remains the growth engine for Third Financial.

The Significance of Flexibility in Growth Capital Investment

Flexibility is crucial in growth capital investment. We adapt to changing circumstances and new opportunities to align with the company’s needs and potential. For instance, our investment approach varies from providing growth capital to buying secondary shares, partnering with other firms or investing alone.

Our experience with Softomotive, a robotic process automation company, illustrates this adaptability. As the sole external investor, we were open to the shift in plans when an unexpected early acquisition interest from Microsoft emerged. Though early in our hold period, we pragmatically adjusted to this opportunity, thereby showcasing the value of flexibility in growth capital.

Being an Ego-Free Partner in Growth Capital Investment

In our approach to growth capital, being an ‘ego-free’ partner is paramount. We prioritize trust, support, and align with the founder’s vision in virtually all outcomes. By placing the founders and their businesses at the center of our decision-making, we facilitate an environment conducive to growth and success.

Leveraging Broad Experience and Acumen in Growth Capital Investment

In the realm of growth capital, our team brings a diverse range of experience to the table. Our collective background spans investing, law, and startup founding, which is invaluable in advising our portfolio companies. We proactively share lessons from past experiences, even those learned the hard way, helping companies not just solve issues but also to foresee and avoid potential challenges.

Balancing Expertise and Respect in Growth Capital Investment

In providing growth capital, we strike a balance between lending our expertise and respecting the founder’s vision. Our approach is to challenge when necessary and to offer support where we can. Always mindful that entrepreneurs know their business best, we ensure our advice and interventions are neither prescriptive nor overbearing.


Grafton Capital’s entrepreneurial spirit, flexible investment strategy, and ego-free approach defines the “Grafton Way” of growth capital investment. As we align our diverse expertise with the vision of founders, we create a partnership that encourages growth and success. When it comes to finding a growth capital firm that supports your business in the way you need it, Grafton Capital is the ideal partner.

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