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Growth capital for leading European, Growth-Stage and Tech Enabled Companies.


Grafton Capital is a private equity and growth capital firm primarily focused on growth capital investments in European, growth stage and tech-enabled companies.

Since 2014, Grafton Capital has invested growth capital of over £135m and partnered with founders who have global ambitions, as well as companies that are leading players in valuable niches.

What We Do

Tommy Kevin Xtremepush

Our Approach to Growth Capital


Grafton’s Growth Mission

We seek to be the growth capital partner-of-choice for exceptional entrepreneurs, of
leading software or tech-enabled businesses,
with a use for growth capital, rather than a
need for growth capital.

Grafton Capital at a Glance



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Typical Investment

  • Welcome to Grafton Capital

    Intuitive and thoughtful partnership for
    exceptional businesses
    We’re Grafton Capital

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  • October 2022 Update

    Grafton Capital acquires ProQuo AI

    Grafton Capital has acquired ProQuo AI – the only live brand tracking and testing platform driven by consumer instincts.

    ProQuo AI has a presence in London, New York and Johannesburg and serves customers such as Keurig, Dr Pepper, Expedia, Amazon Prime and Unilever.

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  • Case Study

    Microsoft acquires Softomotive

    When Softomotive was acquired by Microsoft in April 2020, Grafton Capital was the only external shareholder, having invested $25m in September 2018.

    Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, stated that Softomotive would become part of Microsoft’s Power Automate platform. “We’re bringing RPA – or robotic process automation – to legacy apps and services with our acquisition of Softomotive”.

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  • July 2021 Update

    Grafton Capital announces
    €18m investment in Xtremepush

    Grafton Capital has invested €18 million in Xtremepush, a leading multi-channel customer engagement platform provider, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

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  • October 2021 Update

    Grafton Capital completes third exit of 2021

    Aptitude Software has acquired MPP Global, the Grafton Capital portfolio company.

    This follows successful exits from SportPursuit, which was acquired by bd-Capital, and Alva Reputation which was acquired by portfolio companies of Falfurrias Capital.

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  • For Founders

    Six indicators for founders that growth
    capital could be right for you

    For founders, it can be difficult to know whether growth investment is right for them and whether now is the right time to take it. There are many questions that a founder needs to ask themselves when considering taking growth investment capital.

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Flexible Growth Capital

Grafton Capital usually invests as a minority partner, acting as a sounding board,
listening and supporting founders. In some cases, we have acquired a majority interest
or even the entire business.

Specialists in software

Grafton Capital has a proven track record of supporting entrepreneurs that have built successful tech-enabled or software businesses. We are laser focused on this market and are able to share best practice across our portfolio, supporting founding teams when and how they need it.

Entrepreneurial At heart

Grafton Capital has an entrepreneurial and flexible approach to investing and building value. We can provide fresh growth capital or we can buy shares from existing shareholders, either to help founders de-risk their own position or to tidy up the cap able.

Our investments include

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It’s very easy to work with them. They are very skilled with an entrepreneurial approach. The relationship with my organisation has been very successful.

Giovanni “Nanni” Grossi, Founder and CEO at BOARD International


Grafton Capital has brought immense value to Third Financial. They bring a sensible sounding board for ideas, independent thinking and very valuable experience. We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

Ian Partington, CEO at Third Financial


“Knowledge, insight, support and advice are the four words that spring to mind, and you get this in abundance working with Grafton Capital. Every bit a friend, coach and advisor, as much as they are an investor.”

Paul Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder, MPP Global


“Grafton Capital has been a very good partner to Alva by providing growth capital and ongoing pragmatic advice. Their approach is very refreshing and they bring a realistic perspective to the board, helping us identify growth opportunities and blind spots.”

Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela, Founder CEO, Alva Reputation


“I was a little apprehensive initially, but Grafton Capital met and exceeded all my expectations. They added immense value to our board of directors and were exceptionally good at helping the management team to focus on what really matters and to make informed decisions.”

Marios Stavropoulos, CEO and Co-Founder of Softomotive

What We Specialise in

Growth Capital for Scale Up

Scale-up capital may be right for your business if you’re looking to expand, grow and scale up fast. Having access to additional scale up capital can provide the resources needed to take your business to the next level. Scale-up capital can provide the financial freedom to make investments into new products, services, and other resources. With more capital you can hire more staff, increase marketing efforts, and invest in more efficient technologies. Learn more about Scale up capital below.

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Growth Capital for Technology

Securing investment from Grafton could be a great opportunity for any tech companies out there looking to grow. Grafton Capital that specialises in investing in emerging tech companies and have a long history of successful investments as well as a strong network of contacts in the tech industry. With our help, tech companies can access the funds and resources they need to grow and succeed. Grafton Capital’s expertise can also help tech companies get their ideas off the ground. We provide strategic advice and mentorship to help tech companies develop their products and services.

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Growth Capital for European Market

Grafton Capital is a leading European growth capital and investment firm, providing access to a wide range of financial products and services. From venture capital to private equity, Grafton has the expertise to help European based businesses grow and succeed. Securing investment from Grafton Capital can be hugely beneficial for companies looking to expand into the European market. We have a wealth of industry knowledge and a strong track record in assessing business investments. Our team of experienced professionals are able to provide insight and guidance, enabling you to make informed decisions.

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Growth Capital for Software Campanies

As one of the UK’s leading growth capital companies, one of our main key focus areas of investment has always been in standout software companies. Grafton has a team of experienced software, technology investors and entrepreneurs, investing in software companies that are positioned to scale quickly and have disruptive business models. Grafton Capital typically invests between $5M and $20M in each company, providing capital to fund growth and expansion.
We love to partner with ambitious entrepreneurs, helping them build successful software companies. We are constantly leveraging our network to identify emerging opportunities and develop outstanding investment strategies. Our focus is always on developing long-term relationships with all software partners, offering excellent operational support and advice.

Growth Capital for Start Up and BootSprapping

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Growth Capital for B2B Saas

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What is growth capital?

Growth capital is a type of financing used by companies to finance their expansion
plans. It is typically used to fund investments in new products, technologies, and
markets. Growth capital can come from a variety of sources such as venture capital
firms, private equity firms, and banks. It is often used by companies that have
demonstrated their ability to generate revenue and are looking to grow quickly.

How to Apply for Growth Capital?

Growth capital is the money that businesses use to finance the expansion of their
operations. To apply for growth capital, you will need to put together a detailed business
plan and financial projections that demonstrate your business’s potential for growth. You
will also need to provide information on your current financial position, including
financial statements and/or tax returns. Once you have all the necessary documents,
you can then approach potential lenders and investors to discuss financing options. You
may need to provide additional information, such as a business plan and projections, to
support your request for growth capital. Depending on the type of lender or investor you
are working with, they may also require personal or business credit checks, bank
statements, and/or other information. Once you have secured growth capital, you can
use it to purchase equipment, hire new staff, launch new products, expand into new
markets, or invest in new technologies. It is important to remember that with growth
capital comes greater risks, so it is essential that you manage and use the funds

What is a Growth Capital Fund?

A growth capital fund is an investment fund that provides capital for companies that are
in the middle stages of expansion, usually after a company has left the startup phase
but before it reaches the public market. Growth capital funds typically provide equity
investments, mezzanine debt, or a combination of both. The goal of a growth capital
fund is to provide companies with the capital needed to reach the next level of
expansion and profitability.

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October 7, 2022
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October 12, 2021
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September 8, 2021
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August 20, 2021
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